And The Legion Rides Off Into The Sunset.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Having contemplated many things on the nature of writing and penning one’s thoughts into an online medium, I’ve come to the conclusion that it would be better for me to simply talk to someone or punch something instead whenever I feel strong emotions. This has been an interesting experiment in finding the many pieces that make up the puzzle that I am, and I am happy to say I have a more complete picture than I used to. I will be writing again, for sure, but it will be less whimsical, and perhaps more substantive next time. Till then, this is the Legion, signing off. Remember to turn off the lights πŸ™‚


O Happy Day

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Today I woke up

And I was on my computer

And it was sunny out

I ate with friends

And it was windy out

I slept and dreamt of friends

And it was pleasant

So I woke up thinking

If everyday was this day over and over

Life would be easier


Blazed up like Ghost Rider.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

I can’t remember the last time I was this blazed. Zuri is a nice chillout place, there was a live band and DAMN if the singer can sing. People on the dance floor are a little old though, I guess that’s what you get when you insist on really nice shoes. Danny gave me a free drink, I think it was Paraiso and some random fruit. Pretty light and easy. Damn Absinthe kicks like a mule.


Let’s See How Far We’ve Come

Sunday, April 12, 2009

I’ve been cooped up a little long. Must be the weather setting in, eh? Let’s meet up for a drink or some food sometime, it would be interesting to see where you are now, and who I was then. And speak of times past, and more interesting times to come πŸ™‚

Beach Bums

Monday, March 9, 2009

It’s difficult to regret nearly drowning. Never felt more alive in my life! Here’s to more crazy in life, and more moments that ‘take your breath away’ xD

New Home

Friday, March 6, 2009

Looks like I’m going to get a new place to stay soon. Bunch of my friends and soon-to-be housemates found a place in St. Lucia. I expect it to be ‘homely’ but my friend says it’s pretty apartmentish. I guess this means we’ll be able to host a few house parties of our own! Looking forward to seeing the place. I’m not too sure about the car situation though: we potentially have 3 cars, and there’s only one parking spot. Suppose one could learn to take the bus, though I’d much rather drive after a lifetime of doing so. It’s much easier on the mind and you don’t have to think so much about timetabling. Only thing is petrol is a real bitch heh.

I think I’m still a city boy though. Also, shoutouts to the huge gang who turned up at KK last night. That was pretty crazy hey. I need to meet up with some of you more often!


Sunday, February 22, 2009

Here are a list of interestingly short phrases that have had some disproportionate effects on me and my growth as a person. Hopefully they will do something for you as well πŸ™‚

Live life as though it was a dream; you have nothing to be afraid of.
LiveΒ  life as a game.
If you worship women as though they were gods, they’ll start acting like it.
Commit yourself to excellence, and excellence will commit itself to you.
Everyone needs to take themselves less seriously.
Money is like fertilizer. It’s no good until you spread it around.
The easiest way to get a smile, is to give it.

I can’t think of anymore and it’s a blistering 30C summer day, so I shall bid you all adieu until my internets is stabilized. Have a great day. Don’t forget to forget yourself πŸ™‚

Hell On Wheels In A Black Dress

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Mr. V: I’ve come to the conclusion that Mr. H is a taker.

Mr. E: What makes you say that, V?

Mr. V: Have you seen how when he learns of something new, some new fuel for his rage, one of us has to hold him back, and that person is frequently L?

Mr. E: Well, yes. L tends to tell him to relax a little, think nothing of it, change the topic. I’ve even seen him beg him to hold all that anger in, like a tiny finger feverishly working to stem a crack in a dam.

Mr. V: See, that’s just how H works. He lets the issue fester inside him slowly, like a soup, I believe. One long, delicious, simmering soup of anger. And he’s very adept at making himself angrier, just by replaying the same thought patterns in his head. L tries to arrest that by short-circuiting those patterns, by disrupting them before H gets enough momentum to fly into a blind rage.

Mr. E: Is it justified, though? I’ve seen him go off the handle at the smallest things before, he doesn’t exactly have ‘levels’ of rage.

Mr. V: H always comes through when he feels there’s been an injustice done. If he did something wrong, and is aware of it, then he feels remorse. But I suppose when anyone has put an investment into something, when they vouch for something, or someone, I guess it hurts to be proven wrong. Because, after all, what does that say about your decision-making capabilities?

Mr. E: But people always make mistakes, V, and they can’t always instantly tell if someone or something is what it seems to be.

Mr. V: That is a fair point, but let’s consider a typical case in the Legion: L falls in love with a girl, possibly gives her his heart. She drops it, breaking it into a few pieces in the process. Now, up to now this is pretty normal, yes? He feels sad, perhaps angry, and H is summoned from out of nowhere. So far, the investment is somewhat level with the pain felt from injustice. Suddenly, as L tries to patch the pieces together, the girl steps onto the pieces with her stiletto heels, piercing L’s hands in the process and breaking the pieces into even smaller ones. The injustices just keep on adding up, and the girl has no idea she’s even doing this. Before long L is asking himself what he did to deserve such savage, exquisite pain.

Mr. E: H loves it when that happens. He just goes into this brooding mode that like a thunder cloud was literally hanging above his head, and the moment he’s provoked he lashes out with such fury, it’s staggering.

Mr. V: That, he does. It’s almost as though every time L is hurt for something he thought he did right, H becomes more invigorated, more alive. More real. Maybe L is just being an emo drama king though.

Mr. E: Perhaps. But some of these things, V, there are no excuses in the world that would be good enough for them. Have you seen L recently? Looks like shit, stays in the corner all the time. Talks mostly in poems and song. He’s pretty messed up right now.

Mr. V: Quite. Go help him out.

Mr. E: He refuses anyone’s help. He tells me he just wants to be left alone for now, so he can heal.

Mr. V: That’s why I said H is a taker. He is taking all those feelings and pent-up emotion and expressing them in his unique manner, since L refuses to acknowledge them.

Mr. E: That can’t be healthy in the long run.

Mr. V: Good thing about H is that he tires quickly. Once the pot has boiled over and he let’s everything out, he’s fine.

Mr. E: Let’s hope it happens quickly before we all get toasted by him and join L in the corner.

Take Me Home, Country Road

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

It’s been hell on wheels since moving so far, bond issues have been a nightmare. I’ve barely gotten enough sleep, and today I got lost for like 2 hours on a bus to nowhere. I hopped on it, reached a train station, got to my mom’s place. Camped out for a bit. My phone was dead. She didn’t come by after work for an hour. Figured I’d leg it to her workplace (around 5+ kilometers / 1+ hour of walking away). About halfway I get tired and run into these two blokes who were sitting around selling flowers they couldn’t get rid off by Valentine’s. I told them I’d buy ten bucks worth of flowers if they’d let me make a phone call. I gave one rose to the petrol station attendant who pointed me their way, and another to a friend of my mom’s, whom we ate dinner with later that night. All in all, a pretty tiring day.

To A Day Of Many Dreams

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Here’s hoping yours come true,
And that you always keep love new.
For alas, too easy to rue,
A broken heart, when a smile seeks you.

Happy Valentine’s Day from the Gang.