Mr. V is a person jaded by the world as it is. He does not see this changing in the future, which is terrible since he thinks everything only gets worse. He is a realist. Or pessimist. Or simply cynical. He is logical, he is emotionless, he is accurate. He enjoys debates, taking stands opposite to his own values, and in general is rather mentally acrobatic. He probably does not know what the hell he really believes, but he’s liking the journey to discovering it.

Mr. L is a person who still yearns for a simpler, more truthful reality. One where you are not required to pretend to be what you’re not in order to survive. He’d like to be open as much as he can, and still be accepted for his shortcomings and character flaws. He is Mr. V’s brother, and often gets picked on because of his soft fluffy beliefs. A true idealist, he and Mr. V often lock horns around an issue.

Mr. E is a friendly, outgoing person. He loves people and enjoys being around them. He genuinely believes that investing in people will pay large dividends. Sometimes he tries to encourage Mr. L to open up a bit more, but he usually gets ignored. He tends to stick out at parties and gatherings because he speaks the loudest, and he relishes being given attention, like a performing artiste.

Mr. A is the quietest of the group. He sticks to his addictions, be they computer games, clubbing, drinking, sports. He doesn’t speak much, but his effect on the others is clearly visible: when he is around, he tends to draw everyone into this black morass of lethargy and non-productivity until someone wakes up and punches him. He clearly lives to waste as much time as possible, while enjoying his slow slide into oblivion. He is, however, extremely detail-oriented in regards to aforementioned addictions, and will sometimes talk at length about them.

Mr. H is a very angry individual. The cause of his anger usually stems from righteous indignation, such as social injustices in the world. However, time and again he is prone to randomly tossing objects about and punching holes in the nearest wall. This sometimes causes him to be viewed with raised eyebrows from the other residents.


One Response to “The Legion”

  1. lor3tta said

    Trust you to know yourself enough or bother enough to categorize all your sides. I wont even start with mine.

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