Burning Knowledge

Monday, November 2, 2009

I’ve written about truth before, so here’s a dilemma for you:

Would you rather risk intimate, exquisitely soul-destroying pain in a quest to know the truth (truth being how things are in reality), or would you rather live a lie (or in ignorance) your whole life, but in a much happier place?

Before you read this, answer the question above.

To me, pain functions as a reminder of a few things. That you are not invincible. That you are alive. That you remember how to feel. If you feel pain, you should be grateful, because you know there is something more you can learn about yourself. Pain is one of the greatest teachers. The only problem is whether you can bear to attend class.

Pain is based on information: what you do not know cannot hurt you. We feel the great emotions (love, hate, joy, pain, etc.) when we have invested something of ourselves in an idea, a person, or an outcome. It may sound very ethereal but it feels as though part of our souls is given in the exchange. When things turn badly the emotions run wild, because we cannot bear to see it fail. Because it reminds you of the mistake you did in believing that thing. Of the lies you would’ve continued to believe in if only it shielded you from the reality that was now indiscriminately crashing through your dream.

Pain is the crucible of the soul – it purifies away any extra flakes you had on your character until only the most solid, the most true parts of you are left.


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