Why The Gods Are Jealous of Us

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

There was a video I saw about us, as human beings. It was celebrating the technological advances of humankind and contrasting it with the ‘advances’ of extreme religion. The way in which the author spoke resonated with me: he said we are the first species to have set foot off-world. Ever. And that yes, we are transient, that is what gives us meaning. We’re going to die, lose consciousness, and that’s okay. For what use is this life if we get a second try? Everything loses its meaning when we are immortal or in a heaven of bland worship day in and day out.

Furthermore, I realized that we often times hold ourselves to a ‘perfect’ standard. I say this in terms of perfection being a guide to behaviour. The thing is, not only can no one ‘be’ perfect, but that being perfect in and of itself is boring as hell. It strips away the human characteristic of flaws and sterilises us as unexciting plaster dolls that can be neatly pigeon-holed. Where there are flaws, there is character. Where there is character, there is uniqueness. Where there is uniqueness, there is meaning.

So fuck perfection, let’s focus on being human and having the ride of our lives. After all, the meaning of life is happening right here. Right now.


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