Social Animal

Monday, June 22, 2009

It’s a rainy, foggy morning in the streets of Brisbane city. I have realized that I am beginning to disregard people. “In what sense?”, I hear you ask. I’m beginning to disregard them as animals that have learnt to respond when in a given situation. They have spent years of their life learning how to be socially acceptable. Their notions of self will usually mean they always take their own side when it comes to exploitation or taking blame or simply being selfish. It is a natural and deeply ingrained instinct.

And yet I find this to be, at some level, disgusting. To act with automation. To disengage the mind for the choices you make. Let me qualify that: I’m not saying people don’t think, but people are unable to think outside what they’ve always thought. Sound crazy? Maybe. They will always see something through the prism of their experience, or the lenses of their prejudice. This is not objective. But what is objective when every human interprets the world around them as only they can view it? Is not the very notion of objectivity a fallacy? Again, it ties in with things being the way they are simply because the majority want it that way (i.e. right / wrong).

But back to people = animals. We hoard things. These things bring us pleasure or convenience. We long for people. They make life relatively interesting. We interpret how we see ourselves through how we affect and are affected by people (hermits excepted, perhaps). Our whole perception of self is rooted in the very foundations of our social fabric. If this is all there is, knowing yourself as you know others, then we are very simple animals indeed, and are easily distracted.

I think I need to go mountain climbing and re-calibrate my sense of the world.


2 Responses to “Social Animal”

  1. Turpy said

    I think it’s also partly due to the basis human instinct to “fit in”. Hence, acting in the “socially acceptable” way. And sadly, in some cases, not thinking twice before they leap. hmm…

  2. Turpy said

    Basic. Not basis. lol.

    Work hazard. 😛

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