Dream a Little Dream of Me

Monday, May 4, 2009

I was always at the back of the church looking to the front, looking at the faces mixing and mingling about. That’s when I saw her the first time. Her face looked vaguely familiar, but nothing stood out then.

Fast forward to the mall, where I was looking for jobs in computer security. I had seen her a few more times in that same mall earlier. I met her again as I was browsing the furniture section of some store.  She stood in front of me and gave me an expectant look, as I was lazing on a bed reading some notes. I raised my gaze to meet her eyes and I realized.. that smile. Only you had it. Some of your features looked different, like you had grown, but you still had that smile.

I asked you what you were doing here, and you said you were looking for a job. I walked with you and we saw your dad. As we sat around a table in the mall, some balding man in his fourties sat down with us and put a stack of timesheets on the table. You began to sign your name on each timesheet. It was for the hours a person was expected to work at. As you signed, you had a little ‘pft’ sound that escaped from your lips, as though with contempt. I knew you had been looking for a job for a while, so when the balding man left I congratulated you on landing your job. You smiled happily, but told me you had to keep the illusion that you weren’t actually needing the job.

You asked me what had happened to me since we parted ways. I hesitated.

‘I learnt a lot.’

You happily locked arms with me as we continued speaking about your job and the things you had been up to as well. I did not know what it meant at the time, I was just relieved to be beside you. To answer my unspoken question, your dad said, “So this is what you’re like in a relationship.”


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