shut up shut up shut up

Friday, April 24, 2009

Someone once said to me that they hated small talk. They felt it was empty, ungratifying, a waste of time. I remember telling them that it wasn’t possible to jump straight into deep topics, one needed to ease into it. Probably something non-offensive or somesuch.

I spoke to someone recently who made me feel like banging my head on the wall until my eyeballs popped out.

I felt like everything they said was inconsequential. Devoid of absolutely any reasoning or meaning or purpose. Its main reason for existence was to vanquish silence in conversation. Part of this I attribute to a recent, greater desire to only speak of important things in conversation. Part of it is just plain irritation.

Let’s not pretend anything we say is of any lasting importance, but the sheer frivolity of spending so much time saying so much of nothing boggles the mind. Do I sound like this to other people? Maybe I should take a temporary vow of silence and see what my ears start hearing when my mouth is shut.


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