Mandatory Reflection 2009

Sunday, April 12, 2009

I know it’s only been a few months since my last ‘recollection’ but Easter is when I traditionally do this. Perhaps it is a terrible thing I do not mention the things that occur in the past 4 months, as I forget easily. Maybe I should start. One thing I remember very well from Project Management (not that I’m a good student at all) is this: if you want to know whether your project is a success, you -must- measure the qualities you want it to have. Applied to a homo sapiens ala moi, that would mean I need to track the things that I believe are important to me.

For a while I was working on gaining weight. I dutifully tracked my changes every week for about a month and a half, before I moved here. I should take that up again. I have fortunately continued my earlier desire to train in martial art -a little more seriously-, despite myself, and now regularly attend a boxing class. Once I get my knees and ankles checked out with a doctor I think I’ll take up running as well, since it fits with boxing nicely.

I made some terrible decisions regarding people and my view of humans in general has deteriorated more, if that is even possible. I am not sure how to reverse this trend as this is something that gets worked into your subconscious thinking. But, I could start with thinking not everyone is full of shit. After all, I’m no saint either.

Spirituality? Not really been a seeker either these days, mostly just lampooning talking heads who spew the things they were taught. I *used* to be genuinely interested in this. Now I suspect I’m just here for the entertainment I get from talking to people about religion. Should probably change that. Ah, but there I go talking in  generalities and vague qualifiers again. ‘Should’? Perhaps I have genuinely lost interest in religion at last.

Work – I’m still a bum. Not much improvement there. Been putting out resumes but it’s nowhere near the effort I should be putting into it.

Studies – Well hopefully I won’t mess up this semester. I’ve been doing real good compared to the past, and hopefully this keeps going the way it has been. Cross your fingers, last one for me!

Sleep – I’ve never managed to get a handle on this one for too long, and I know some day it’s going to bite me in the ass. I need to adhere to a strict sleeping pattern, because I tend to reverse the entire day / night cycle at times.

Well, that’s all for now. Hopefully I’ll be in a better shape come end of the year!


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