People Make These Promises With Straight Faces

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

I promise you I’ll always be true… (until I discover ‘always’ is a long time)

I promise you I’ll never make you cry… (at least, I won’t mean to when I do)

I promise I’ll be considerate of your feelings… (until they interfere with mine)

I promise we’ll have fun together… (unless you’re boring and then blame me for being bored)

‘I promise you I’ll change’… (this is what I say when you’ve caught me out)

I promise I will always be here for you… (until you take me up on that promise, when you need it most)

I promise I meant it at the time… (even though I can say anything now, since you will never know if I did mean it)

I promise I don’t mind… (even though I really really do)

We are but duplicitous shadows, pretending to be shining stars of light and morality.


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