All The Single Ladies-

Thursday, January 22, 2009

If you knew how many good guys were waiting for you their whole lives, you’d wait. If you saw how they had no intentions but the noblest, you’d wait. If you heard the songs they’d write about you, you’d wait. You’d wait because you knew when they found you they’d know. And you’d know.

What if I told you that compromise was only a word the desperate used? What if I said you would only settle if you didn’t know your future? What if I said that time was only a scarcity for those in a rush? You have your whole life to live, don’t waste it on account of kissing every frog in the pond to find your Prince.

If you saw yourself, the way every good guy did, you’d know when you were being played, playing someone, taking instead of giving, giving instead of taking. You’d know that ass is just playing you to get a kiss out of you, and you’d know when you’re curling up to that guy just for the intimacy. How? Because you’d know the sacredness of love is worth defending. If you knew how heartbreaking it was to be cheated on, why would you make someone cheat on their love?

Hold out for the best. Expect it, be it, damn what everyone else says or does.


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