A Touch Most Foul

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Some say death is a new beginning of things to come. Religions count on it to stir their flock to evermore selfless acts in this life, lest you be rewarded in the next. People fear it, because it is unknown: no one has stayed dead for a long time and come back to tell about it. And when they do (okay, be pedantic, Jesus), they get hailed as Gods and all historical verification goes out the window.

What if it truly -is- the end? That is to say, what if our short, moment-filled life was all you had. All you will EVER get? Can you imagine the regret a person would feel if he left before his time? The longing of a love never to blossom, the unfinished quilt of a mother who leaves her children? Such shattering, sobering reality is a bitter pill to swallow.

Let us make life meaningful for those we care about, and learn to let go of our millstones. After all, death claims everyone, angry and happy, bitter and optimistic. No point dying angry.

Wow, since when was I such a bloody optimist?


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