Sunday, January 18, 2009

After an eventful birthday party at Friday’s Riverside, I was waiting outside for my friends when a hottie of a Latino chick walked up to me (again with the Latinos, I know!). She asked if I was waiting for someone, and I said yes. We started bitching about waiting for the opposite gender because we were idiots or care too much or whatever. She asked me if I wanted to make out with her. Direct girl knows what she wants. Said she was hot, but no thanks. Good choice, as her beefcake of a guy friend showed up a couple seconds later, cheeseburger in mouth.

I think these encounters mean that the next Miss Universe is going to be Latino. Watch this space.


2 Responses to “Bella”

  1. lor3tta said

    Am I the only one who knows Bella refers to a Jack Johnson song?! 😉
    By the way, I blocked all my blogs coz i dun want my prospective employers to find me blogs.

  2. varalas said

    Hahahha. You and your seeing song titles everywhere :p

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