Fantastic Nightmares

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

This is a bit on the disturbing side. I tend to have those kind of film noir dreams, and this is one of them.

We were small time thugs in a city not unlike Brisbane, but much darker and grittier and dirtier. We went one night into this party of sorts, where one of my mom’s (?) friend (let’s call her Miss X) stayed. We saw some people go into a few secure rooms with slide doors that looked like they were made of 20 inches of steel and weren’t stopping to open for anyone. My friend (let’s call him Artful) managed to sneak into a room as it was closing, with no one inside. I knew my part. Get into another room and steal whatever was inside. We weren’t the only thieves in the place, though. People started pulling guns and running and shooting at each other as chaos found itself manifesting among a den of thieves. One of those thieves was a balding middle-aged man (let’s call him Mr. Bald). We passed each other briefly as me and Artful entered a lift. Miss X had not seen our faces so she didn’t know what we looked like, but we were still nervous when she entered the lift with us. We soon found out why: at the ground floor was the police.

Not being able to run, we accompanied them when they came up with us to another floor of the apartment. It was like a warehouse floor filled with weapons on crates. I picked up a semiautomatic Glock and checked and reloaded the magazine clip. It was full. I thought it was made of plastic, the clip. As Artful was giving me ‘are you STUPID?!’ glances, the cop who was with us noticed and asked: “Very nice, where did you learn to do that?” “My dad used to take me to a shooting range, I never practiced very much though.” He nodded and we were soon let go. As we were walking out of the apartment later via a spiral staircase, we passed a worker who was making the stair steps more narrow. I asked why. He said: “Management’s orders.” Perhaps to deter people from running away so quickly next time.

As I almost walked out the door a free man (or so it looked), Miss X came racing at me with a sports car: she must’ve recognized my face at the party. She went past, rolled down her window and asked me to get in. Not sure why I did. We got out at Mr. Bald’s house and his three inbred kids. They were an ugly bunch of youth, much like rednecks. and Miss X said she knows it was me. She gave me some sort of ultimatum to pay up for her missing precious items otherwise Mr. Bald and his family were going to do some very ugly things to me. I said I didn’t steal anything (which was the truth), even though I wasn’t rich or anything. A look of remorse filled her eyes as she said: “Suddenly, what I’m about to do to you doesn’t seem so nice.” A look was exchanged between me and Miss X, and we flashed forwarded into the future.

I saw her holding a mountain of alcoholic drinks in her hand as she was coming up to meet me, there was someone behind her I couldn’t see. I rushed forward to help her carry the drinks but we must’ve both fell, because she came tumbling down and the drinks broke and spilled across the floor. I think we were supposed to be in love, because we became incredibly shy at that point. When I looked up I saw a chilling sight: Mr. Bald bursted out of a nearby locker (in a wheelchair, for some reason) and was wheeling straight towards me. I dived to one side, and as he wheeled past me and Miss X, he slapped the person behind her on the arm. The person was dressed in surgical garb and was holding Miss X’s and my newborn baby. As if on cue, the man put his fingers into the baby’s cheeks slowly and RIPPED THEM OPEN, both ways much like a Glasgow smile (the one the Joker has). The man’s headgarb came off and I saw he had a squid-like head. Helllo Cthulu. It began to feast on the baby’s remains for a face.

I woke up in a sweat. It’s just a dream, just a dream.

Then I woke up again. For real. Wewt. Pretty whack dream.

In other news, Merry Christmas. As rappers like to say: keep it real.


3 Responses to “Fantastic Nightmares”

  1. lor3tta said

    You’re getting weirder by the day. Get a life dude! πŸ˜‰

  2. varalas said

    Hehe. It’s not my fault I have a rich imagination :p

  3. lenniez said

    whoa. even im overwhelmed, and im just a reader of the dream. this dream calls out for “overdrive sos” buddy!

    hope u’ll only dream of candy floss and pink ponies after this. they’re much richer for the heart. haha πŸ™‚

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