Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Comfort. A feeling arising from habitually pleasing routines or actions. To feel a sense of security from knowing the particular circumstance of a given situation. Comfort is a double-bladed edge: you can recover within the refuge of her wings, or you can cling to her bosom fearfully, until circumstances force you from her protection. She breeds complacency, security, happiness, lethargy. She allows the tired traveler into her home to rest, and she also locks up her children in the basement, loath to let them get away. Other times, she is as a hazy, wispy smoke. The tendrils of her voice swirl their way into your ear and she whispers:

“Stay awhile longer, here with me. There’s nothing but ashes left, but stay awhile and talk to me, one last time, like we’re in love.”


4 Responses to “Comfort”

  1. Turpy said

    For some reason, you got me thinking of Death. His seductive promises of an end.

    Then again, maybe because I’m in a shit job and I want to get outttt. 😀

  2. lenniez said

    comfort is when i call u by cutesie names and u realize that your heart smiles eventhough your face is cringing… 🙂

  3. mr jp said

    well , he’s not the only one cringing …

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