Original Sin

Monday, November 3, 2008

Selfishness. The one word from which all other wrongs flow through, the catalyst through which people become evil.

In relationships, we become selfish when we protect ourselves. But the point of love was always about vulnerability. We take what we can from the other party, and feed our needs and wants and desires, never regarding what it may do to them. What can this person do for me? What do I stand to gain from being attached to this person? Thus we slowly rob each other of trust. Because we’re too busy looking out for ourselves to worry about looking out for the person we ‘care’ about.

In matters of money, humans are actually liable to survive with very little of it. A person once said the richest person wasn’t the one who had the most material possessions, but the one who needed the least. We are selfish when we buy things for ourselves, because we think those things will make us happy. They will keep us occupied for sure, but they are not critical to our happiness. How do we excuse our flagrant spending when our neighbour lives week to week having nightmares about staying afloat?

Howabout in work or in the social scene? When colleagues speak badly of each other, is it out of a genuine desire to help them improve themselves? More often than not, it elevates the speaker’s social position while debasing the unfortunate victim. When you talk up your achievements or accomplishments, what exactly are you doing? Trying to make yourself look good. And ever notice how funny it is that many jokes make people laugh at someone’s expense?

Or in religion, where tolerant, loving Gods will send you to Hell for not choosing to worship them if you pick the wrong one out of, say, the top 20 religions. That God sounds like an insecure prick, if you ask me. Yeah, sure, my choice is to worship you and go to Heaven, or choose not to and burn for all time. Some awesome choices there. Selfishness is when people hide behind the crutch of religion to excuse their bigotry and prejudice against others.  Selfishness is when you say it is an abomination to God for two gay people in a committed, stable relationship to be with each other, but be perfectly alright with accounts where people sleep with each other’s wives, concubines, daughters, and get sexual favours for plants. God also kills you if you don’t ‘deposit’ your ‘seed’ in a woman. Yay for cherry-picking verses that suit your agenda.

Only problem is when two selfish people collide, shit happens. In the case of lovers, breakups. In the case of workers, ruined careers. In the case of friends, animosity. In the case of world leaders squabbling over land and resources.. hmmm. Who knows eh.

Three cheers to selfishness!


3 Responses to “Original Sin”

  1. Turpy said


    Now I know why you were in such a brooding mood this morning. 😛

  2. Lollie said

    Beautifully said. As usual.

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