Final Cuts & Final Ties

Sunday, September 28, 2008

There is a certain amount of congratulations in order for the people who manage to find each other despite the world and despite themselves. They have pushed on to greater things and, as a good pastor friend has said, now interact with the world around them in a different capacity. Sown tightly together as a master weaver’s work, they hold together the collective experience of their lives and the people around them to each other. They can finally move on.

I guess in some senses that isn’t so different from finally stopping the act of pursuing a girl you cannot let go of. By some miracle you have, despite yourself, let go. You tell yourself there are ‘greater things’ to go after, and accordingly, you interact with the world in a manner different to when you  were but a storm chaser in the wake of her destruction. The remnants of the torn, binding memories are finally lain to rest; You don’t know if  you’ll ever feel like that again, or if you’ll ever meet someone like her, but you can finally move on.



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