Monday, September 8, 2008

So my internet will be down for like 4 days. Somehow, someone managed to download all of the 25g/40g bandwidth in like a month *eye housemate*. Anyways, I was just thinking recently about people and their accomplishments. Remember that quote by Socrates? “Excellence is a habit.” So it naturally follows that if we do something for a given amount of time, we become proficient in it. Hence people who make money, or are supremely skilled in their field etc. etc. And it sort of got my noodle baking: given that I spend a majority of time playing games, doesn’t that mean I am simply proficient at wasting time and avoiding work? 

Yes it does. I am a master of throwing away hours upon hours of time doing absolutely nothing but entertaining myself. I gain little from this activity except some measure of ‘happy’ which, in retrospect, isn’t really happy but rather a default sort of state. 

Holy crap, by default my mode is to be a gaming zombie wandering in a daze, moaning for ‘moar gamez’.

Which is hard to swallow, of course. I have this nasty habit of blaming myself for things, but not -enough- to get me changing my direction on it. On reflection, I’d probably not want to game my entire life away. So where do I begin? Ah yes, schoolwork is always good. I probably need to visualize the end result before I can even begin to start on this. Why do my work? Because it costs money… but that in itself is a poor motivator. It’s closer to Hertzberg’s sanitation theory: money doesn’t motivate me, but I will notice when it isn’t there. Perhaps it is closer to the fact that being proficient enough will allow me to take what I often visualize and create it.

That was easily said.

Now the hard part is picking up my ass and walking to uni at 3am in the morning just because I know if I don’t I’ll sit here and play The Battle for Wesnoth again.


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