Thursday, July 24, 2008

There is something.. how to say, mysterious, about the way people connect with each other on a romantic level. Here we have two disparate lives, distinctly different personae interacting in a setting where there is a measure of awkwardness and compromise. Perhaps it is not that way for everyone. Some feel more natural than others, like a comfortable old shoe you have worn many times. And they agree that perhaps life would be more full if they let each other in.

This is the part where it gets weird.

They let each other in too much, to the point their own life begins to dissipate at the edges of the other. The ability to affect another person so still fascinates me until today. If this is not the case, then they are cautious, letting a person in slowly. I have written about this part before, but isn’t it odd people are unable to enjoy each other’s company without growing attached? Why not blow where the winds take you, and cherish the brief time you have in another’s company?

Or perhaps I have been burnt a bit much and am a little less willing to compromise now.

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