Who Are You?

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

V: Who are you?
E: I am my friends and my family, my relationships with other people. I am the company I keep.
A: I am a level 70 warlock in World of Warcraft, a fisherman in a virtual game, a tailor and enchanter.
L: I am looking for myself in the mirror and on paper, in music and on TV.

V: But that is what you do, now tell me who you are!
E: I am loud, proud, happy go lucky and full of comedy 😀
A: I am quiet, and usually keep to those who do the same things I do.
L: I am a listener, although I don’t remember things very well.

V: But that is how you act! But who are you!
E: Your mom.
A: *continues playing WoW*
L: .. are you hinting at something?

V: The question of who you are does not fall into categories easily defined like what your hobbies are, how you act, your job or quirks. Although they may make you a little more ‘unique’ in a loose sense of the word, having someone who looked and did the exact same things as you; who even spoke in the same way and liked the same things you do, does not make them you. What is it in you that makes you a unique snowflake?

L: You could say it was a soul.

V: Ah yes, but what is the soul if not the name given by man to all of the attributes I just described above?

L: A soul is something you could say we have, because we are self-aware. An animal has no sense of self, only instinctual preservation. The soul of a man is his painfully obvious awareness of his own individuality, and difference from others. A baby has no sense of self, at first. They think they are extensions of their mothers, and act accordingly. As they grow older, they begin to understand the beginnings of self-awareness, usually sparked by a fight over a toy. Ownership, or selfishness, lets us be aware that we want things for ourselves.

V: Are you saying babies are soulless? :/

L: …


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