Serial Killers

Friday, July 4, 2008

We had an interesting hypothetical discussion today: “Would you leave someone behind to die, or would you die beside them?” Obviously this person was of great import. Some of my friends found it disturbing I could leave people to die with the mindset of “they’re going to die anyway”, but would it be selfish, nay, wrong, to know that while their life ended, yours had to go on, and to act on it? Mr. L would say that in some scenarios, ‘following someone into the dark’ would be acceptable. But this goes against every mindset, every instinct, of self-preservation. It makes no sense. Aye, their contribution to your life may end there, but people move on. To stop all the world when one chunk of your life is taken out (no matter how large that chunk may seem) sounds foolish and detrimental to your own growing.

I enjoy our talks. They exercise our mind and make us question our values.


3 Responses to “Serial Killers”

  1. limmyfox said

    In certain situations (I’m sure you can figure out some), I’m pretty sure I’ll never leave her alone, thereby neither leaving someone behind to die nor dieing beside them (not if I can help it). ^^ Been a while, we need to chat up!

  2. varalas said

    There isn’t a middle ground, otherwise everyone would take it.

    Mr. V.

  3. limmyfox said

    It isn’t a middle ground. It’s a third solution. The attempt to do both.

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