The Problem with Giving

Saturday, May 24, 2008

The problem with giving too little of one’s self at a time is that, in time, one may discover one barely had anything left to give at all. We may scoff at those who thrust their heart onto others as though barely standing to keep it to themselves, but that would be our cynicism speaking of past experience. We think we would be foolish to do the same, as we all know that we will only end up hurt. So we throw them up; these small walls to us. Every wall brought down claims a little of us; too little. By the time people work to our core they may wonder, “Was it worth it?”, as they stand around the ruins of what used to be a beating, soft, heart.


One Response to “The Problem with Giving”

  1. […] is not the case, then they are cautious, letting a person in slowly. I have written about this part before, but isn’t it odd people are unable to enjoy each other’s company without growing […]

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