A Dialogue.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

V: You’re being stupid, L. Haven’t we been through this before?

L: Yes, but I know there’s something more to this. Something deeper.

V: You’re being naive and delusional again. Work with what you have. Right now you don’t have much.

L: If we didn’t at least think there was something, we wouldn’t continue doing this to ourselves, right?

V: To -yourself-, you mean. I’m sitting here pretty fine telling you what an idiot you’re being.

L: You really think there’s nothing left here?

V: Like I said a million times, some people actually mean what they say. You should start holding yourself to it too, instead of changing your mind like a girl.

L: The ability to change our mind is what sets us apart from machines, V.

V: It also is the reason you’re weak and will never improve.


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