And The Legion Rides Off Into The Sunset.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Having contemplated many things on the nature of writing and penning one’s thoughts into an online medium, I’ve come to the conclusion that it would be better for me to simply talk to someone or punch something instead whenever I feel strong emotions. This has been an interesting experiment in finding the many pieces that make up the puzzle that I am, and I am happy to say I have a more complete picture than I used to. I will be writing again, for sure, but it will be less whimsical, and perhaps more substantive next time. Till then, this is the Legion, signing off. Remember to turn off the lights 🙂


Thoughts and truth

Friday, November 6, 2009

I have come to the opinion that true thoughts should never be shown in a medium, because they can be dissected and re-read and again alter one’s thinking by that very act. In computer science we call this ‘volatility’, and the mind is a very volatile thing. The very act of accessing it to put it to a more permanent media changes it. The words that you read aren’t the exact words I’m thinking, if words can describe what I’m thinking at all. They have been altered to fit into this space.

We should therefore put, instead, finished thoughts in media. As Nietzsche wrote, (paraphrased) too many people write down their thoughts as well as the process of thinking of it.

Burning Knowledge

Monday, November 2, 2009

I’ve written about truth before, so here’s a dilemma for you:

Would you rather risk intimate, exquisitely soul-destroying pain in a quest to know the truth (truth being how things are in reality), or would you rather live a lie (or in ignorance) your whole life, but in a much happier place?

Before you read this, answer the question above.

To me, pain functions as a reminder of a few things. That you are not invincible. That you are alive. That you remember how to feel. If you feel pain, you should be grateful, because you know there is something more you can learn about yourself. Pain is one of the greatest teachers. The only problem is whether you can bear to attend class.

Pain is based on information: what you do not know cannot hurt you. We feel the great emotions (love, hate, joy, pain, etc.) when we have invested something of ourselves in an idea, a person, or an outcome. It may sound very ethereal but it feels as though part of our souls is given in the exchange. When things turn badly the emotions run wild, because we cannot bear to see it fail. Because it reminds you of the mistake you did in believing that thing. Of the lies you would’ve continued to believe in if only it shielded you from the reality that was now indiscriminately crashing through your dream.

Pain is the crucible of the soul – it purifies away any extra flakes you had on your character until only the most solid, the most true parts of you are left.


Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Someone once called me that. In hindsight, I am not so gifted with words; I am more comfortable at feeling emotions as they play out, and sensing them in other people. Sometimes I get moments of clarity when everything seems to be clear but for the briefest of moments; some might refer to it as an epiphany. When this happens I try to get it down in writing. Without further ado, my emotions, given the written form.

Fanaticism – A fool the other day once told me that religion was a place we could find common ground. I laughed cynically in my heart, for he had yet to realize that religion was what divided us most from each other. It makes us kill in the name of God, and excuses atrocities that even the most cold-hearted daemon would look away from. It is in our zealotry that we commit our foulest acts. The ones who question will always be offered a measure of protection for their minds against this.

Freedom  – To say that we are all free to choose God is a hilarity of the highest order. Free will is not the choice between fluffy white clouds and everlasting torment. That is blackmail. That is fear-mongering. That is bullshit. No God worth his salt would even make such an offer except to cow weak-willed sheep into his fold. And what good are followers like those?

Folly – To ask a question is to expect an answer. But the power of asking is not in the answer, it is in the question. For doubt is the father of such utterances, and self-realization is the fruit of his loins. If one were to never have doubt, one was already lost. To have doubt is to know that there is a chance that you might be wrong. And you almost always are.

Frail – The knowledge we are easily malleable and broken when we allow ourselves to be. The fear that we have no control over this process. The foolishness that stems from giving control of who we are to another person who has no idea how to shape you as well as yourself.


In the end, I wrote something that felt far removed from my original intention. Conversations can do that to you.

Life’s Ironies

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

  1. Boy likes girl. Gives her his heart.
  2. Girl isn’t impressed, this is too easy.
  3. Heartbreak hotel and super glue ensue.
  4. Boy is never the same again.
  5. He never thinks the same way about girls again.
  6. Girl notices boy isn’t moved by her tricks.
  7. Girl likes boy. Gives him her heart.
  8. Boy isn’t impressed, this is too easy.
  9. Heartbreak hotel and super glue ensue.
  10. Girl is never the same way again.

Our reasons for reasoning

Friday, September 11, 2009

Intelligent people recognize we have a problem with Truth. Truth is important because to humans, it determines what is reality, what exists. But when people apply the Truth, it is always in a distorted form or manner, never consistent. They hold up a critical eye to others, and a lenient one to themselves. This is not Truth. This is going easy on ourselves. Why do we do this?

Inwardly speaking, I suspect it is a self-defence mechanism against recognizing we have failed. We lie to ourselves, spin it as truth, and present it to the world so that they, too, might celebrate our average deeds as extraordinary, our disasters as deeds of daring. The entire American self-esteem movement is based on the idea that if you believe it hard enough you can make it. This is a lie. Not everyone will make it, and not everyone even has the potential to. There are people who succeed and people who fail. It is not a question of self-esteem, it is a blindingly, precisely, binary condition.

Socially, it covers our tracks. It makes us more desirable to be seen as having a better handle on the Truth of the way the world is. People do not like the person who admits he lies, yet everyone does it. The polite hypocrisy of condemning people who are blasphemously honest sounds counter-intuitive, so why is it so widespread? Why, in a society that values truth, are we more concerned with the presentation of truth, and not its actual substance?

Nietzsche once said if you seek peace of the soul and happiness, then believe; but if you were to be a disciple of the truth, to inquire. This aphorism, simple as it may sound, has caused me a lot of vexation; it exhorts you to hold all you value under the microscope. Why do you believe what you believe? Many people never question the values they were indoctrinated with and simply become offended when pressed to examine these beliefs, true or not. Or perhaps they *have* thought about it, but somehow arrive at the end result of having rationalized why they have that belief in the first place. Hence, they convince themselves to remain chained to any number of untrue views by recursion.

This is the stuff of hypocrisy. People do not want to be proven right. They have no use for being objectively more in line with reality than other people. They merely want to be shown to have arrived at their conclusions without looking like an idiot. Whether what they say is true or not has no bearing whatsoever on this. We use the ‘truth’ only in as far as it will serve our selfish needs.

We come to the altar of truth screaming for vindication and yet we offer only excuses when its harsh, unbiased light shines on us. We are truly deluded.

And my feet won’t touch the ground

Thursday, August 27, 2009

So this is what it feels like to be smitten with wanderlust. To be consumed with the beauty of a mystery uncovered. This is how I addict myself to sights that last a lifetime, to experiences that I cannot get enough of. And when I open my eyes, they see a view that shows you the meaning of life. This is why people love to travel. It’s a lot to take in at once. Breathe slowly.

A Slice of Paradise

Thursday, August 6, 2009

This is where I’ll be for the next few days. Looking forward to a place to collect my thoughts, relax, enjoy, and explore. 😀

Why The Gods Are Jealous of Us

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

There was a video I saw about us, as human beings. It was celebrating the technological advances of humankind and contrasting it with the ‘advances’ of extreme religion. The way in which the author spoke resonated with me: he said we are the first species to have set foot off-world. Ever. And that yes, we are transient, that is what gives us meaning. We’re going to die, lose consciousness, and that’s okay. For what use is this life if we get a second try? Everything loses its meaning when we are immortal or in a heaven of bland worship day in and day out.

Furthermore, I realized that we often times hold ourselves to a ‘perfect’ standard. I say this in terms of perfection being a guide to behaviour. The thing is, not only can no one ‘be’ perfect, but that being perfect in and of itself is boring as hell. It strips away the human characteristic of flaws and sterilises us as unexciting plaster dolls that can be neatly pigeon-holed. Where there are flaws, there is character. Where there is character, there is uniqueness. Where there is uniqueness, there is meaning.

So fuck perfection, let’s focus on being human and having the ride of our lives. After all, the meaning of life is happening right here. Right now.

O Happy Day

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Today I woke up

And I was on my computer

And it was sunny out

I ate with friends

And it was windy out

I slept and dreamt of friends

And it was pleasant

So I woke up thinking

If everyday was this day over and over

Life would be easier